[SONG + VIDEO] Tyler the Creator x ‘Tamale’

tylerthecreatorTyler, the Creator is no stranger to controversial, offensive rap verses, but strangely, listening to his message in his music shows how intellectual he really is. On the latest promo single from his sophomore album ‘Wolf’ entitled “Tamale”, he playfully tells the story of his connection between addressing his many critics and just how famous he’s become since his debut album. Tyler proves just how prolific his wordplay is as he says “bring back the horns that was played in the beginning, and tell Tony Parker that I found his vision, and if he’s tripping off my sneak dissing, then he has to deal with me and my minions”. As offensively funny as this line in particular is, it really shows why he’s a well-respected lyricist in the hip-hop community. “Tamale” also features sampled vocals from Tallulah Willis and additional drum production by Pharrell – both of which add mainstream appeal to Tyler’s usual independent format. The video treatment for “Tamale” is also usual Tyler affair featuring indistinguishable scenes in his own Odd Future format. Among his pastimes while riding the “Tamale” beat includes bouncing on a girl’s ass (0:32), riding a cat (1:42), and rapping underwater (1:55). Pharrell makes a cameo towards the video’s end, as Tyler goes into an even angrier song about his estranged father. Watch and download Tyler, the Creator’s “Tamale” below.

Download HERE.

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