[SONG] Azealia Banks x ‘Work Bitch’ (Britney Spears Cover)

azelaia-banks-britney-spears-work-bitchIf there’s anyone in the world that can save the #epictragedy known as Britney Spears’ comeback single “Work Bitch”, it’s Harlem’s Azealia Banks. On the redux, Azealia goes right back into her in-your-face street flow as she delivers two stellar rap verses that competes with today’s best. “Play at your own risk, I’m master on this / fantastical hit, I’m point guard with this / I pass and assist, I’m bad that new bitch, they basketball tricks” Azealia playfully raps in a possible jab to all those VH1 ‘Basketball’ chicks. The end of Banks’ “Work Bitch” features a brief spoken word/adlib segment that rides the electropop beat effortless, proving her dominance in female rap. The misunderstood genre is all about wordplay and AB does every sense of the art on “Bitch”. Although Britney’s #nowclassic line “go call the police, go call the guhvahnah” or the cringeworthy chorus (“you wanna hot body? you betta work bitch”) should’ve been added into Azealia’s cover ,  I’m assuming it’s because she isn’t a fan of cheap songwriting. Listen and download Azealia Banks’ remix of Britney Spears “Work Bitch” below.

Download HERE.

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