[SONG + VIDEO] Sharaya J (feat. Missy Elliott) x ‘Smash Up The Place’

sharaya_smashEveryone’s wondered what Missy’s really been doing since her critically acclaimed 2003 album ‘The Cookbook’. The set, which is her last full release, has left fans craving new music. Two new songs (“9th Inning” and “Triple Threat”) magically appeared last year but neither grasped the mainstream. After writing songs for a handful of R&B artists, Missy decided to settle down with Jersey-bred’s Sharaya J. A first single by Sharaya J (“Banji”) made major indie waves at the beginning of the year, but with all Missy projects there’s a lack of fuel to get the car across the finish line. Now we have a lesser song – presumedly Sharaya’s second single – entitled “Smash Up The Place”. The beat sounds like it’s paying homage to mid-90s rap and makes its somewhat danceworthy given Sharaya’s laughable bars (“look at me I’m hot, whoo, you just lukewarm / yall bitches take a seat up on the futon”). While the “Place” song is decent with Missy on the hook, the quality of the video for an artist on her The Gold Mind imprint leaves less to be desired. After having a #banjiroundtable (literally), the “Place” clip goes into horrible, out-of-sync dance routines (3:19) and some #realtrade rocking a hoodie that reads ‘BANJI’ (4:14). The clip also segues into “Snatch Yo Wigs”, featuring an odd Bell Biv Devoe “Poison” sample that sounds like it was done with Mixcraft. After watching a few times, it’s clear that the ‘dazed and confused’ sentiment is desired from Sharaya J, as the disjointed clip never seems to match the song’s message or output. Watch and download Sharaya J’s “Smash Up The Place” featuring Missy Elliott below.

Download HERE.

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