[SONG] Lady Gaga (feat. R. Kelly) x ‘Do What U Want’

gaga_kellyGaga’s up to unusual tricks on her second single “Do What U Want” – relatability, sex selling, and being normal. Serving as the replacement single to be lifted from her new album ‘ARTPOP’, “Want” features Grammy-award winning singer/porn star R. Kelly. “Want” is a different affair for Gaga, one that fans haven’t heard since ‘The Fame’ album. Not only has she rediscovered her sexiness, but she’s also obtained Christina Aguilera’s ‘Stripped’ pipes. Gaga’s studio vocals here are stronger than ever, but sadly R. Kelly’s aren’t the same. While Gaga gets extra passionate on the “do what you want with my body” line, Kells literally sounds like a wild animal calling out to his fellow creatures. Gaga’s songwriting leaves a questionable sentiment after the song is over, however, as the song appears to be motivational but comes off as promoting unsafe “activities”. But the strange Gaga-Kells duet is more radio friendly than first single “Floppause”, which will hopefully garner interest into her latest album before it officially flops. Listen and download Lady Gaga’s duet “Do What U Want” with R. Kelly below.

Download HERE.

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