[SONG + VIDEO] King Krule x ‘Easy Easy’

kingkrulepbWhile many male artists haven’t been impressive as of late, the uniqueness of British singer-songwriter King Krule has stood out amongst a sea of followers. After dropping his self-titled EP in late 2011, Krule released his debut album ‘6 Feet Beneath The Moon’ to great critical and industry acclaim. Krule’s voice is somewhat different from typical soul singers with his husky, darkwave-esque vocals that are very reminiscent of Morrissey, especially on the album’s first single “Easy Easy”. The song’s video features Krule at his rebellious best while showcasing his rough London street heritage. Krule does a good job of showcasing his natural grittiness while delivering strong imagery and perspective from an 18-year-old Londoner. Although “Easy” serves as a simplistic introduction to Krule’s artistry, the remainder of the songs on his debut album features much more prolific songwriting and creativity, garnering props from the likes of Beyonce’ and Earl Sweatshirt. But even without Queen Bey’s blessings, it’s certain that Krule’s rise to fame won’t be (solely) because of her support. Watch and download King Krule’s “Easy Easy” video below.

Download HERE.

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