[VIDEO] Lady Gaga (feat. RuPaul) x ‘Fashion!’ (Muppets Holiday Spectacular)

LADYGAGA-RUPAUL-2356567After experiencing an underwhelming debut with ‘ARTFLOP’, Lady Gaga has been playing extreme #damagecontrol to save her fourth album campaign. The holidays are usually the biggest in terms of the year’s album sales, and Gaga’s recent string of live performances is surely aiming to get people to spend money on her latest efforts. ‘Lady Gaga and the Muppets Spectacular’ is the most recent attempt, and her performance of album standout ‘Fashion!’ is shockingly worth watching. Gaga turns on the dramatics for the ABC special by featuring vocals from RuPaul, an icon in the fashion and modeling industry. The camera cuts to Ru at 0:58, marching in to deliver a respectable vocal alongside Gaga’s strong pipes. Gaga’s platform stilettos and fur-tailored dress oddly pairs playfully with Ru’s bold blue feather dress. Their stage presence together is a match made in heaven, leaving fans wanting both a video (and possible remix) featuring the ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ creator and host. Two Muppets are featured at the end of the video, casually saying “I’ve seen everything” – and I definitely agree. But it’s all about the album sales here, and Gaga may have done enough to move a few hundred copies. Watch Lady Gaga and RuPaul’s “Fashion!” below.

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