[SONG] Ed Sheeran x ‘The City’

Ed-SheeranBritish singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran’s ‘Best New Artist’ Grammy nod came as a surprise for two reasons – because his debut ‘+’ has been out since 2011 and he was nominated last year for Song of the Year with “The A-Team”. His first album was surprisingly impressive and featured soulful vocals mixed with signature songwriting. When “The A-Team” came out, it was huge and everyone wanted to know more about the man behind the guitar. Sheeran’s songwriting is deep and very profound – it’s the type that really makes you think about everything that life throws your way. On “The City”, a presumably younger Ed has just moved to a different area and he’s coming into his own. Sheeran’s vocals are smooth and soothing over the gritty Brit-influenced beat. “The City” may be one of his earlier productions, but it’s definitely one of his best. And it adds clout to his recent prestigious Best New Artist recognition. Listen and download Ed Sheeran’s “The City” below.

Download HERE.

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