2013 Year-End Lists

yearendiconThis week begins TUA’s annual year-end review – bigger and better than any in previous years. The 2012 list was immensely popular (due to unexpected publicity) and I’m hoping my opinions on 2013’s music offerings will warrant the same. As sad as it is (and to be completely fair), Beyonce’s latest album will be included with the ‘Best of 2014’ list. The eligibility period format for this year is the same as last year (December 11, 2012 to December 10, 2013) and will include the following:

·Top 50 Albums of 2013
50 to 41
40 to 31
30 to 21
-20 to 11
·Honorable Mentions of 2013
·Top 10 TV Characters of 2013
·Top 10 Best Singles of 2013
·Top 10 Worst Singles of 2013
·Top 20 Non-Singles of 2013 (new list)
·Top 10 TV Shows of 2013 (new list)
·Top 10 Television Moments of 2013 (new list)

In addition to the pop culture-related posts, there’s also a year-end review on Twitter trends (see last year) and a new composite of TUA’s most popular posts from the year. It’s definitely been a busy year for music and given recent events, we can’t forget about the efforts from all other artists this year (besides Bey). Stay tuned!

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