[VIDEO] Caramel Kitten Update + Arrested For Twerking?

caramelkittengifBack in April, I did my first post on Caramel Kitten. It’s been almost seven months since then and her antics are ever-so-present in the world of pop culture. We’ve shown her being featured on ‘What Happens Live’ which also starred a #twerkingtribute by Fantasia. After gaining viral notoriety for ‘twerkin’ by the eggs’ in Wal-Mart, Caramel Kitten has obtained several online advertising opportunities in her short eight months of fame this year. Her videos now feature weird product placements throughout, leading me to believe that twerking can, indeed, become a job that pays very well. In terms of daily routines, Caramel’s back to using her signature “twerking..”:

“by the garage”
“in Target”
“at the park”
“at the zoo”
“in the kitchen”

And then there’s my personal favorite:
Cooking with Caramel Kitten + ‘twerking at the bank interlude’:

But whenever the #twerkersgonewild star leaver her comfort zone, things getting risky. She may have successfully twerked on ‘American Idol’ and even conquered Disney World, but leaving her hometown (she does a great job of hiding it) proved to be troublesome. While In Orlando, Caramel Kitten met her match in terms of the city’s private investigation unit. From the first video, it looks like she went all over Orlando:

Caramel’s Orlando trip starts off on a good note (i.e.: “twerkin’ at the trolley”, “twerkin’ at the bus stop”). Around 1:45, she makes a #powermove that leads to someone complaining to a private investigator. When she started twerking in front of a restaurant, Caramel gets rowdy with the officer (2:59: “you don’t have to turn the cameras off – I’m Caramel Kitten”) and ends up in handcuffs. The incident left Caramel Kitten screaming the same question we all have – what she’s being charged with?

Although Caramel was simply recording a video for her new management company Poppin’ Media, the second video shows the actual arrest for “twerking”. At 0:50, the recorder calls it just how it is – “twerkin’ gone wrong”. I’m sure the charges didn’t stick, but it’s interesting to see just where twerking gets you in Orlando, FL. Check out Caramel’s other ‘best of’ 2013 videos below.

Twerkin’ For The Animals:

Twerkin’ In The Slow Motion:

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