[YEAR-END] Top 50 Albums of 2013 (#3) x HAIM ‘Days Are Gone’

Standing as Roc Nation Management’s best release from 2013 is California girl group HAIM’s ‘Days Are Gone’, which reminds me (track-for-track) of Destiny Child’s classic ‘Destiny Fulfilled’ album. The album’s first single “Forever” has harmonies that are similar to “Lose My Breath” just from different sides of the musical spectrum. Third single “Falling” could be their “Girl” or “If” from the album with their pro-feminist standpoint on love and relationships.

Although their R&B sound is quite impressive, it’s the rock ballads where HAIM really shines. Second single “Don’t Save Me” is an album standout, as all three members have a solo part to showcase their vocal abilities. “Go Slow” embodies elements of R&B with a rocker bass-line as they sing about moving too fast in relationships. “If I Could Change Your Mind” is a beautiful, classic ballad filled with lots of great adlibs from lead singer Este.

Although their promotion seems a bit retro, HAIM has consistently proven on ‘Days Are Gone’ that their sound is fresh. It’s clear that their intentions to shift back the power towards girl groups on songs like “Let Me Go”, which is subtle while still being anthemic. But the album’s best song by far is the minimialistic “My Song 5”, which features small vocals over pulsating drums. The special moments on ‘Days Are Gone’ are really the quietest ones, but all of their moves to date have shown how loud they’ve truly become.

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