[YEAR-END] Top 50 Albums of 2013 (#4) x Elliphant ‘A Good Idea’

no4Out of all the wild things that happened in music, I never pictured myself falling in love with a Swedish female reggaeton artist, but Elliphant is all that I could ever ask for in a musician. Her ability to mix both pop and rap with reggae-influenced music is a gift that only she carries, and it’s executed with the greatest of ease. The album’s first single “Music Is Life” is a playful, but serious, journey through the importance of inspiration. Elliphant’s strange patois on “Music Is Life” is extremely addictive, while at the same time giving new definition to a “summer anthem”.

‘A Good Idea’ deals greatly with the element of fun – whether its partying, body parties, or party favors. Elliphant’s delivery over famed pop producer Dr. Luke’s beats are pure genius, and it’s also evident that he saved his best beats for the blossoming new artist. Songs like “Toilet Line Romance” and “Want It” delve into sexual territory, but her crass delivery is excused because of the above-average production.

While Elliphant is mainly known for her patois, her singing is very impressive as well. In the midst of her numerous uptempos are songs like “Pac Man” and “Could It Be” which showcases both of her musical talents. On “Pac Man”, Elliphant duets with UK vocalist Erik Hassle to showcase a more radio-friendly side to her music. On “Could It Be”, the vocal paired with the Carribbean melody is a very fresh sound for music artists today, placing Elliphant several steps ahead of her pop competitors.

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