[SONG + VIDEO] Elliphant (feat. Skrillex) x ‘Spoon Me’

elliphant_spoonmeSinger/rapper Elliphant has been on a stateside come-up after securing a new deal in 2013. After the release of numerous stellar EPs and shelved albums, her proper debut set ‘Living Life Golden’ dropped earlier this year to critical acclaim. Grammy winner Skrillex produced the album’s third single “Spoon Me” in undoubtedly some of Elliphant’s best work to date. The EDM-fueled uptempo features Elliphant at her most sexual as she controversially belts the lyrics “hands on my boobie, yeah / dick on my pussy now”. Along with Skrillex’s undeniable beat, the sing-songy chorus by Elliphant is just as catchy as her (slightly) crass lyrics. Given Elliphant’s Swedish accent bow-wrapped in a patois, it’s easy to misquote her throughout “Spoon”, as even I initially thought the pre-chorus lyrics were “hands on my booty, yeah / beat on my pussy now” But either lyric aside, the overall arrangement makes for a fun and flirty pop number that could be a strong contender for #songofthesummer. The video features Elliphant fully immersed in the Pakistani culture as she acts out her lyrics with belly dancers and fire breathers. Watch and listen to Elliphant and Skrillex’s “Spoon Me” below.

Stream via Apple Music.

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