[SONG + VIDEO] Foxes x ‘Let Go For Tonight’

foxes_letgoLondon singer-songwriter Foxes has easily become one of my favorite artists of 2014. While promotional singles “White Coats” and “Home” made an indie buzz for her, it’s her appearances on albums from Fall Out Boy (“Just One Yesterday”) and Zedd (“Clarity”) that placed her in the forefront of female pop vocalists. Both songs have proven to be successful on an international front, and she’s hoping that her upcoming debut album ‘Glorious’ will share a similar fate. The album’s second single “Let Go For Tonight” is an obvious attempt for mainstream pop radio, which may or may not work out in her favor. The song features a heavy piano influence over chilling vocals as Foxes sings about releasing her inhibitions. The song itself doesn’t pack much of a punch outside of Foxes’ dramatic delivery, but the video helps greatly in making her songwriting visions come to life. What starts out as an all-white dinner affair turns into a colorful paint/food fight (the “let go”). Foxes’ latest seems like it’s custom-made for British radio, but should go for worldwide adds soon given her recent signing with RCA Records. After the epic song/video for promo single “Beauty Queen”, I’ve been waiting to see what’s next from Foxes – and she never seems to disappoint. Watch and download Foxes’ “Let Go For Tonight” below.

Download HERE.

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