[SONG + VIDEO] King Krule x ‘A Lizard State’

kingkrulealsKing Krule is continuing to impress the world with releases from his debut album ‘6 Feet Beneath The Moon’. After singles “Easy Easy” and “Neptune Estate” comes “A Lizard State”, his first uptempo release. The song carries a somewhat controversial nature as Krule’s approach towards women is on full display. From his earlier releases, his approaches are normally non-traditional – for lack of a better word – but it’s this shocking approach that makes him such an intriguing artist. “Well I don’t want to be in the black of your heart / and if I’m gonna make it clear then I’ll tear you apart / from the inside to the out” sings an overconfident Krule as he attempts to show his softer side. The black-and-white video features King playing the guitar while in a horizontal position, possibly further implying his #sideways approach. Like his other visuals, the “Lizard” clip is fairly simple while giving an ever-so-important glimpse into Krule’s artistry. It may not be as sonically great as his “Easy Easy” hit, but “A Lizard State” is undoubtedly a solid follow-up release to the Londoner’s debut single. Watch and download King Krule’s “A Lizard State” below.

Download HERE.

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