[SONG + VIDEO] Sam Smith x ‘Money On My Mind’

I think it’s pretty safe to say that Sam Smith’s electrifying voice has blown away the entire world – and now there’s an equally great official first single to back up these claims. “Money On My Mind” is the first album cut from Smith’s as-yet-untitled debut and it’s sure to become a radio staple during the summer of 2014 (spring may be a bit early for stateside impact). In all honesty, “Mind” will become a huge radio smash, especially with its repetitive (but very catchy) “money on my mind” hook. The song’s bassline knocks harder than anything he’s done before, and the electronica-influenced piano backdrop is genius. The video features Sam more charming than ever, as a parallel story tells Smith’s #moneyonmymind from the opposite perspective. Smith’s songs are already great in their own right, but “Mind” takes his artistry to new levels. At times, it’s truly amazing that a lesser known artist such as Smith carries more talent and potential than most new artists (and veterans) in the music industry. But that’s exactly what’s happened on Sam’s first single, and I’m glad to say I was a believer first. Watch and download Sam Smith’s “Money On My Mind Below”.

Download HERE.

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