[NEWS] ‘Once Upon A Time’ Casts Wicked Witch Of The West, Rapunzel, Lumiere, and Possible Wizard Of Oz?

ouat3_0Most ‘Once Upon A Time’ premiers include an influx of new characters, but the show’s planning an even bigger agenda with the first ‘mid-season’ premiere in March. After Peter Pan’s epic battle during the first eleven episodes, the Wicked Witch of the West is headed to Storybrooke, along with a few new faces. Check out the mid-season casting round-up below:
ouat3_1Rebecca Mader (Wicked Witch of the West): The model-turned-‘Lost’-alumni will portray the Wicked Witch of the West throughout season three’s second half. After Peter Pan’s disappearance, Mader’s role will clash with the Evil Queen upon their return to the Enchanted Forest, especially when Regina finds out her castle has a new leader. Dubbed an “iconic villainess” by show creator Adam Kitsis, I’m sure that the Wicked Witch’s #yellowbrickroad will be filled with lots of action and adventure.
ouat3_2Alexandra Metz (Rapunzel): It doesn’t seem like Alexandra Metz will stay around long as Rapunzel, but it’s always great to add some diversity to the ‘Once Upon A Time’ cast. And unlike antagonist Sonequa Martin-Green, Metz’s character will be on the “good” side during the second half of season three. Expect a big rescue scene with Prince Charming and a possible connection between her and the Wicked Witch of the West. As of posting, the ‘Originals’ veteran will only appear in the March 23rd episode.
ouat3_3Henri Lubatti (Lawrence): Although French actor Henri Lubatti is widely known for his roles on ‘Grimm’ (NBC) and ‘Sleeper Cell’ (Showtime), his role as candelabra Lumiere from the ‘Beauty and the Beast’ franchise will be one of this season’s most exciting roles. Lubatti’s character has been given a more American name (Lawrence) for the ABC adaptation, but I’m sure that his rebellious nature and loyalty to Belle will remain the same.
ouat3_4Christopher Gorham (Unknown): ‘Once’ producers are remaining tight-lipped about ‘Ugly Betty’ actor Christopher Gorham’s role on the show’s spring premiere, but it’s not hard to piece together clues. Gorham’s character is said to have ties with Emma, who is currently going through a memory lapse. His character’s #influence paired with the Wicked Witch of the West’s intentions for my favorite characters can only mean that lots of magic will be involved.

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