[VINTAGE] Natalia Kills x ‘Wonderland’

nataliakills_wonderlandThe debut album ‘Perfectionist’ from English singer-songwriter Natalia Kills spun three massive hits, with the best being her second single “Wonderland”. On the song, Natalia sings about having the perfect relationship (“take me to wonderland”) that she doesn’t really want to embrace (“cuz I don’t believe in fairytales). Her delivery on the first verse and chorus especially is the type of power and presence one should expect from a pop star. As a debut artist at the time, Natalia took risks with her songwriting, production, and even styling just like Lady Gaga, her competing rising star at the time. While both artists discussed the ins and outs of #thefame, Natalia’s conviction seemed not only more realistic, but also from more personal experience. Gaga’s futuristic artistry came off as more unrealistic, while the creative methods that Natalia uses to discuss her experiences – especially on “Wonderland” – are presented in a much more believable manner. The “Wonderland” visual is just that – four minutes of a stunning Natalia poised beside things deemed offensive by ‘modern society’. It’s this form of line-straddling that has kept Natalia on my radar as a premiere pop star. Her critically acclaimed sophomore album ‘Trouble’ may have progressed beyond her #fameobsessions, but it’s always great to know where the artist started off in the industry. Watch and download Natalia Kills’ “Wonderland” below.

Download HERE.

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