[SONG] Major Lazer (feat. Pharrell) x ‘Aerosol Can’

MajorLazeraerosolDiplo’s second full-length release under his Major Lazer collaborative alias may have come out just under a year ago, but it doesn’t look like he’s slowing down anytime soon. The Grammy-nominated producer announced the new ‘Apocalypse Soon’ EP via Instagram, sharing a clip of the Pharrell-assisted “Aerosol Can”. Much of Major Lazer’s catalog features (extremely talented but) relatively unknown musicians from all genres, so Pharrell’s contribution here is gladly appreciated if it’ll get Diplo’s project more recognition. Pharrell, fresh off signing a new solo deal with Columbia Records, takes “Aerosol” as an opportunity to showcase his rapping skills. Over the perfect #beatmarriage between himself and Diplo, Skateboard P raps “nigga, I’m hot like the place Tucson / BBC, Ice Cream skewed on, no discounts no coupon, but I got the Rolls Royce for the grey poupon”. It’s definitely a departure from his N.E.R.D. days but it’s a move in a more radio friendly format – a territory relatively unknown as of late for both artists. Listen and download Major Lazer and Pharrell’s “Aerosol Can” below.

Download HERE.

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