[SONG + VIDEO] Iggy Azalea (feat. Charli XCX) x ‘Fancy’

iggy_fancyGrand Hustle Australian Iggy Azalea’s latest single from her debut album ‘The New Classic’ has given one of my favorite artists – Charli XCX – the hugest platform ever imagined. Serving as Iggy’s fourth official single, “Fancy” is a hip-hop/sung collaboration between her and the fellow Brit newcomer. With Iggy’s roots in hip-hop and Charli’s more in the EDM-meets-alt-R&B type, the two mesh well together on “Fancy” even if they’re not exactly on the same wavelength. Charli’s debut album ‘True Romance’ featured raps on several songs and it would’ve been great if she rapped on her first major label collaboration. But instead, listeners are stuck with nonsensical bars from Azalea such as “and my flow retarded, they speak it, depart it / swagger on super, I can’t shop at no department”. Since lyrics are normally Iggy’s downfall, the video clip for “Fancy” makes up for her rapping. Unlike her current competition Azealia Banks, Iggy relies on her visuals to detract listeners from her less-than-becoming lyrics, which is why the ‘Clueless’ knockoff works very well. Iggy portrays Alicia Silverstone’s character Cher in the clip, and judging from the lyrics above, she seems way more fitting as a true blonde anyway. As great as Charli’s inputs to “Fancy” are, it seems that Iggy delivered the exact opposite, leading me to believe the song would’ve been much better if it were Charli’s and only featured a brief verse from Iggy. Either way, watch and download Iggy Azalea and Charli XCX’s “Fancy” below.

Download HERE.

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