[SONG + VIDEO] Haim x ‘If I Could Change Your Mind’

haim_changeAfter rightfully earning numerous Destiny’s Child comparisons, California rock girl trio Haim have stepped up their #mainstreamgame on their latest single “If I Could Change Your Mind”. The song serves as the fifth single from their critically acclaimed debut album ‘Days Are Gone’, and has been referred to as the album’s standout upon its release in September 2013. Since signing with Roc Nation in early 2013, Haim has performed on some of the largest musical platforms in the world except the Grammys, but still impressed me on every front possible. That’s why the release of their latest single “Mind” is just enough to keep the band’s momentum strong. The ballad was produced with James Ford (notably known for producing Florence + the Machine’s ‘Ceremonials’ album) and showcases each of the band members’ vocals with ease. “Mind” the video features even more personality from the trio with its 70s R&B-esque dance moves. Lead singer Danielle shines throughout the clip as the video’s central focus, but especially at 2:55 where she pulls out a soulful (but cute) move that even I couldn’t predict. The band has received a pretty modest rise to fame over the last two years, but “Mind” is surely their crowning moment. Watch and download Haim’s “If I Could Change Your Mind” below.

Download HERE.

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