[SONG] Lily Allen x ‘L8 CMMR’

lily2014Serving as the fifth (!) release before her upcoming third album ‘Sheezus’, Lily Allen’s latest “L8 CMMR” may be one of her best to date. “L8” continues the overly confident trend from the album’s first hit “Hard Out Here” as she experiments with moombahton (reggaeton + house). The song describes Lily’s love for her man while playfully bragging about him being a “bad motherfucker”, receiving a ring, and giving him babies (yes, plural). Lily’s latest also does double duty as one of the singles from the third season of the HBO series ‘Girls’. “L8” not only carries Lily’s #signaturesarcasm, but the uptempo number also seems slightly less British than many of her other crossover singles. The beat comes off as more Diplo-esque than that of frequent collaborator Greg Kurstin, which will do wonders in opening up the Grammy-nominated singer up to new audiences. In addition to the ‘Girls’ placement, “L8 CMMR” comes with the cutest 8-bit/Nintendo-themed lyric video that I’ve ever seen. The song’s title may have a slightly off-putting title, but comes off more honest than offensive – a retrospect usually vice versa for Lily. Listen and download Lily Allen’s “L8 CMMR” below.

Download HERE.

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