[VIDEO] ‘X-Men: Days Of Future Past’ x Second Official Trailer

xmendays2After the release of the first trailer way back during Thanksgiving 2013, the latest footage from Bryan Singer’s ‘X-Men: Days Of Future Past’ is proving that the film will become one of Marvel’s best. The first footage featured the heroes (and villains) within the primary storyline from the ‘X-Men’ comics – present-day Wolverine, Magneto, and Professor X – as they travel back into time to prevent an impending mutant war. The latest batch of footage digs deeper into what events set the war into motion as well as who to find in order to stop it. Enter the ‘X-Men: First Class’ versions of Magneto and Mystique, both seemingly angry about Boliver Trask’s Sentinel invention aimed to rid the world of mutants once and for all. While Mystique seems to be a focal point of the second trailer, there are four detrimental events from the clip that has me anxiously awaiting the film’s release:
1) Storm facing a deadly attack from a Sentinel (0:25)
2) A first look at Evan Peters (‘American Horror Story’ as Quicksilver (1:10)
3) Magneto’s “two-ball” trick” (1:29)
4) Cerebro exploding? (1:55)

It’s also interesting that the trailer highlights Singer’s directing roles in the first two X-Men films (‘X-Men’, ‘X2: X-Men United’), making it seem as if the Fox franchise were less-than-satisfied with the other films. Although the latest clip appears to redeem the Marvel/X-Men franchise, the original ‘Days Of Future Past’ story is critical to fully understanding the true greatness of Singer’s film.

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