[SONG + VIDEO] Banks x ‘Brain’


banksCalifornia singer-songwriter Banks may be plagued by the numerous “female Weeknd” comparisons, but her latest single is aiming to do so much more. “Brain”, presumably the first official single from her untitled debut album, has easily become my favorite song of hers to date. Although most of her singles carry a downtempo vibe perfect for toking up, “Brain” is more of a midtempo that’s perfectly crafted for the mainstreamers. The song’s somewhat dark nature makes for an interesting ride down a genre tightrope between alt R&B and rock/pop with Banks’ vocals commanding every move. The singer, who appears to be quiet and even somewhat shy in interviews, delivers a super-sensual clip that matches her songwriting perfectly. Featuring various black-and-white distorted images, Banks shows off her high fashion and sexy sides in ways I never expected – even though she’s the only person featured in the video. As a whole, the easy sense of relatability that “Brain” delivers is what truly makes Banks an upcoming force to be reckoned with. But when you match that with the sex appeal that’s portrayed in the “Brain” clip, it’s clear that she’s a superstar finally preparing for take-off. Watch and download Banks’ “Brain” below.

Download HERE.

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