[SONG] Jennifer Hudson (feat. Timbaland) x ‘Walk It Out’

jhud-walkitoutJennifer Hudson is the epitome of an artist that just can’t hone into her true  musicianship and her latest single “Walk It Out” is making things even more confusing for me. Upon a first listen, “Walk It Out” is a forced urban mess. Five more listens (if you can bear it) and you’re still left scratching your head and wondering who’s responsible. Featuring production by Timbaland and up-and-coming songwriter Lyrica Anderson (2014’s cheaper Keri Hilson), Jennifer’s latest endeavor poorly attempts to set roots in the world of urban/R&B radio. This also marks JHud’s second collab with Timbaland, following the ill-fated “Pocketbook” from her self-titled debut album. Before Timbaland’s signature drums kick in, a weirdly overconfident audio comes in proclaiming “you must have the right producer with the know-how of putting tracks together on a new recording”. While the statement doesn’t exactly reflect the song’s potential, its inclusion makes “Walk” even more cluttered. There’s also an Aaliyah lyrical homage snuck into the first verse – most likely because the arrangement sounds lifted from her classic ‘One In A Million’ days. Jennifer’s latest tries to come off as smooth and seductive, but instead sounds like a 16-year-old writing for their 45-year-old sister. If it weren’t for the ad-libs during the song’s second half, I’d be quick to dismiss “Walk” as one of the worst attempts for urban airplay ever. Sadly (and for me), JHud’s “Walk” is no more than the poor man’s “No Angel”. Listen and download Jennifer Hudson and Timbaland’s “Walk It Out” below.

Download HERE.

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