[SONG + VIDEO] Elliphant (feat. MØ) x ‘One More’


Swedish pop-rapper Elliphant never ceases to amaze me with the many displays of inspiration within her music. Her worldwide debut single “Music Is Life” is written scripture that details my love for music, while newer songs like “Revolusion” and “Look Like You Love It” provide equal parts motivation and confidence. On her latest single “One More”, Elliphant tackles a subject that everyone in the world can relate to – unwinding after a stressful day. Featuring Danish pop star MØ, the video for “One More” is a raw, but energetic, girl-on-girl affair. There’s Elliphant dolled up in the back of a taxi with MØ on their way to unleash on the town. Although MØ’s updo strays away from her normal #elsaponytail, glamour looks especially great on her in the “More” clip. But my favorite part of all is 1:57 when the two share a kiss that – when paired with the massiveness of the song – becomes bigger than life itself. Either way, Dr. Luke’s protégé is here to save pop music – one wildly influential song at a time. Watch and download Elliphant’s “One More” below.

Download HERE.

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