[REVIEW] Top 10 Katy Perry Moments In 2014

10. #katyandkacey
kp10Katy’s foray into country (via Grammy-award winning newcomer Kacey Musgraves) is the first true showing of her vulnerable singing side since her ‘MTV Unplugged’ set.

9. #disneytakeover
kp9Only a true queen could host a #princesspizzaparty in Disney World’s exclusive Cinderella Castle Suite along with renting out the entire park for her staff.

8. #beatlestribute
kp8Although reviews were undecided on Katy’s “Yesterday” cover (see good and bad), I enjoyed the fact that she was invited…and other artists weren’t.

7. #vmafashiontens
kp7Katy won the first award of the night at the 2014 Video Music Awards (over Beyonce’) and later shaded Fifth Harmony (see above) while donning a custom Atelier Versace gown.

6. #unconditionallylive
kp6Around this time last year, Katy was doing talk show promo for “Unconditionally”, which spawned a stellar series of acoustic performances of the beautiful ballad.

5. #ferras
kp5Introducing singer Ferras via her own Metamorphosis music label gave me one of my favorite songs of the year – “Legends Never Die”.

4. #pwtopeningnight
kp4I personally witnessed Katy’s American opening night in Raleigh, NC and after being to all three of her tours – The Hello Katy Tour and the California Dreams Tour included – Prismatic World Tour was definitely my favorite.

3. #kermitgreenhairmovement
kp3Most may not have realized it, but Katy’s mixture of jet black and Kermit green hair actually started a semi-movement, as many are still attempting her bold color today.

2. #darkhorsedomination
kp2Initially intended to be a buzz single, “Dark Horse” turned out to be the biggest hit for Perry to date – as well as the biggest song in 2014.

1. #katybowl
kp1The NFL should’ve renamed SuperBowl 49 to #katybowl, because this will be the largest live platform she’s ever been given – an act only fit for a true queen.

Honorable mention: #whoyoulovelive
kp11The first (and only) performance of John Mayer and Katy’s classic love ballad “Who You Love” was the perfect mesh of artistic chemistry.

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