[SONG] Sam Sparro x ‘Rock The Boat’ (Aaliyah Cover)

samsparroAlthough Sam Sparro is fairly new to TUA, his music has been bubbling under the radar for several years. After earning a Grammy nomination for his hit single “Black and Gold”, Sparro has gone on to write for the likes of Adam Lambert, Lester Mendez, and Theophilus London. He’s been relatively lowkey after quietly releasing his ‘Quantum Physical’ EP in October 2013, but that’s changed with his latest recording. The singer has unleashed a smooth, soulful rendition of Aaliyah’s classic “Rock The Boat”, which – in my opinion – could’ve #broketheinternet with proper promotion. Sam’s version contains a few key elements from Aaliyah’s version such as the incredibly catchy chorus and most of the original melody, but he adds a unique touch by inserting powerful ad-libs to the chorus and second verse. Starting at around 3:10, Sam executes his high notes so profoundly that there’s no way the Haughton family would deny him an official sample/cover clearance if he ever asked for it. Sparro has been known for his randomly unique covers, but his version of Aaliyah’s “Boat” shines brightly within his work to date. Listen and download Sam Sparro’s version of “Rock The Boat” below.

Download HERE.

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