[VINTAGE] Coko (feat. Missy Elliott) x ‘He Be Back’

cokoAlthough the two have ventured down different paths musically, music veterans Coko and Missy Elliott have always produced epic music together. Their first collaboration was with SWV on the 1997 hit single “Can We”, a sexy girl party anthem that doubled as the lead single from the film ‘Booty Call’. On Coko’s solo collab with Missy, “He Be Back” finds the duo riding a much grittier beat courtesy of Timbaland. The rare song is lifted as an album cut from the ‘Why Do Fools Fall In Love?’ (1998) soundtrack, which was almost entirely produced by the Grammy-award winning Virginia production powerhouses. Missy’s signature arrangement skills shine brighter than ever on “Back” as she also raps on the song as well. Despite conflicting subject matter with her current music, it’s Coko’s overall vocal that’s most memorable here. Ever since SWV’s early days, there’s been an illustrious amount of soul in everything Coko’s done vocally. Here the trend continues as highlighted on the first chorus (0:51) and pre-Missy rap (2:27), which then leads into an outerworldly beat switch for the song’s ending. Coko may be past her “Back” antics, but that doesn’t mean that she can’t still work with Missy in the future as homage to this rare R&B/hip-hop classic. Listen and download Coko and Missy Elliot’s “He Be Back” below.

Download HERE.

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