[SONG + VIDEO] Yellow Claw, Diplo and LNY TNZ (feat. Waka Flocka Flame) x ‘Techno’

wakaflockaI’ve always loved the collaborative opportunities that Diplo shares with other indie producers, but his latest with Dutch DJ trio Yellow Claw and duo LNY TNZ is one of my favorites. On “Techno”, the trio of producers enlist rapper Waka Flocka Flame to add energy to the EDM-driven single lifted from the ‘Amsterdam Trap Music (Vol. 2)’ EP. Waka effortlessly rides between the beat switches and drops as he raps “I got the club jumping like a thousand jumping jacks (you know) / spending money, see me burning through these oven racks”. There’s more catchy lines about drug usage and adornment (“all these ladies want my baby, that’s a fucking fact”), but it’s Waka’s delivery that’s works very well on “Techno”. The video treatment for Diplo’s single features an actual storyline in which the artists are not featured – a rare, bold move for current musicians. Following a “businessmen” struggling to provide, the clip for “Techno” displays the song’s high-powered nature alongside an oddly profound anti-drug message. With “Techno” also marking new territory for Waka, working with Diplo just may be enough to bring him back into the center of the rap limelight. Watch and download “Techno” below.

Download HERE.

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