[SONG + VIDEO] Shamir x ‘On The Regular’


After placing second on TUA’s ‘Best New Artists Of 2014’ list, gender-bending R&B star Shamir has unleashed the first official single from his as-yet-untitled debut album. “On The Regular” is a bit of departure from the dark, soulful elements on his critically-acclaimed ‘Northtown’ EP, but it’s unique in its own regard simply because of Shamir’s rapping abilities. “You could get five fingers and I’m not waving ‘hi’ / guess I’m never-ending, you could call me pi” raps the XL Records-signee over the gritty electro-influenced beat. The video treatment for “Regular” features Shamir in colorful looks using odd accessories to contrast the “regular” essence of the song. After spotlighting the cowbell instrumental used for the “Regular” beat at around 1:55, the song’s bridge features an epic verse:

Don’t try me, I’m not a free sample
Step to me and you will be handled
See that’s my crown on the mantle
And if you try to touch it, yes, there will be scandal

It’s because of witty lines like above that makes Shamir’s music stand out amongst everything else on radio. I would like to hear more of his all-vocal songs, but at least he’s showing he’s great at more than one thing on “Regular”. Watch and download Shamir’s “On The Regular” below.

Download HERE.

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