[NEWS] Kurt Sutter Announces New FX Show ‘The Bastard Executioner’

bastardexecutionerAfter seven epic seasons producing FX’s ‘Sons Of Anarchy’, acclaimed television producer Kurt Sutter is about to start filming his newest show ‘The Bastard Executioner’. The official premise of the show is:

Set in the 14th century, [‘The Bastard Executioner’] tells the story of a warrior knight who vows not to use his sword again. Fighting under the charge of King Edward III, the knight was forced to go back to his violent ways and pick up the bloodiest sword of all (via IBTimes).

While ‘Anarchy’ delved with motorcycle gangs, Sutter’s latest show seems to take a more historical approach. The upcoming period piece drama will star ‘Anarchy’ vets Sutter himself and his wife Katey Sagel along ‘True Blood’ star Stephen Moyer. Katey’s inclusion as the female lead is refreshing, but Moyer’s casting is surprising in a great way compared to his last major role as vampire king Bill Compton. But based on the official information above, it sounds like a mix between HBO’s ‘The Tudors’ and the classic Quentin Tarantino film ‘Inglorious Bastards’ (and not entirely due to matching titles). Sutter’s ‘Executioner’ begins filming in England in March.

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