[SONG + VIDEO] Rahel x ‘Serve’


Dubbed the First Lady Of Le1f’s Camp and Street Records, alt r&b singer Rahel is showing that she has lots to prove on her debut album ‘Alkali’. The album’s release has been boasted by the official premiere of its first singe “Serve”, which features a unique spin on the LGBT-friendly slang. Rahel’s latest musical endeavor is equal parts futuristic and vintage, which makes “Serve” stand out amongst female soul/urban releases over the last year. “Serve” isn’t exactly vocally exciting, but its arrangement paired with its clever lyrics are enough to sell listeners on Rahel’s potential in a fledgling genre. The video features beautiful shots of nature as Rahel serves lobster, liquor, and #baseballrealness. She’s as cute as a button as her natural long locks and beautiful smile reel you into the world of serving. Mainstream may not be Rahel’s immediate target, but “Serve” is more than enough to become a slow burner on the spring charts. Watch and download Rahel’s “Serve” below.

Download HERE.

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