[SONG] Jack Ü (feat. Justin Bieber) x ‘Where Are Ü Now’


From Beyonce’s “Run The World” to Madonna’s latest “Living For Love”, it’s clear that anything that Diplo produces turns to gold. But now that he’s teamed up with Skrillex for their recently released Jack Ü project, his greatness is even further amplified. On “Where Are Ü Now”, the second official single from their collaborative project, pop heartthrob Justin Bieber takes the lead on the slow-burning track. Although the song is a bit of a departure from the bursts of high-energy on the album, it’s without question one of Bieber’s strongest vocals to date. As the song goes into the “where are you now” chorus, you’d think that a signature Diplo/Skrillex beat switch would accompany Justin’s crooning, but takes the Middle Eastern-meets-reggaeton route instead. Aside from the unexpected beat switch, it’s nice to hear Justin sing about real life problems such as breakups, instead of aiming for his usual boring pop numbers. It’s unclear if Biebs had songwriting credit on “Now” – which I’m pretty sure Kiesza helped write – but it’s the first song by the Grammy-nominated artist that I can truly say that I enjoy. Listen and download Jack Ü and Justin Bieber’s “Where Are Ü Now” below.

Download HERE.

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