[VIDEO] Jennifer Hudson x ‘Gone’ (Live)


Although Jennifer spends quite a bit of time performing covers of soul classics, but her latest string of live performances are some of the most personal she’s done to date. On “Gone” – an album cut from Hudson’s sophomore album ‘I Remember Me’, the Grammy-award winning artist tackles what it feels like to truly miss someone. The original cut, which was written by Ester Dean, Hit-Boy, Songvibe, and Polow Da Don, packs a gritty beat over even heavier lyrics. But the live version takes “Gone” to new heights, especially evident through the feels brought about from the clip. Lines such as “I feel like we are the exception to the rule, I know this love is true” and “you changed my world around, and I’m not scared to go falling down in love” are emoted with such beauty in the clip that it’ll give you newfound faith in Jhud’s solo talent. Although the song is well over four years old, Jennifer literally injected a full dose of life into the ‘I Remember Me’ era. Watch Jennifer Hudson’s live version of “Gone” below.

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