[SONG] Rock City (feat. Beenie Man and Azealia Banks) x ‘I’m That (Remix)’


Rock City may be a moderately successful urban hit from its original version (with 2Chainz), but the fresh remix to “I’m That” takes their audience to new heights. The hit songwriting duo has written for everyone from Beyonce’ (“Bow Down”) and Rihanna (“Pour It Up”) to Miley Cyrus (“We Can’t Stop”) and Fergie (“L.A. Love”), but now they’ve begun pursuing an official album. On the redux to “I’m That”, reggae lyrical master Beenie Man starts off with an interpolation of his own classic “Who Am I (Sim Simma)”. The clever sample alongside Beenie’s flow works perfectly over the duo’s Caribbean-meets-trap beat. Azealia follows and delivers a verse that’s not only perfectly crafted, but also makes her quite accessible given her current indie status. She commands the listener’s attention from the first bar – “boss bitch and I’m flossy” – and the momentum continues until her “yall bitches always broke” vocal (!!). It’s a surprising move from Banks and finds her in territory sonically different from her work on ‘Broke With Expensive Taste’. Rock City close and continue the trend of high-energy flows, but Azealia’s verse is like a trail of fire that burned out everyone else on the track. With a few more features like this, Banks could be on her way to being fully embraced by the entire hip-hop community. Listen and download Rock City’s “I’m That (Remix)” with Beenie Man and Azealia Banks below.

Download HERE.

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