[SONG + VIDEO] Heems x ‘Sometimes’


Heems is a refreshing rarity in the hip-hop community, mainly because he’s a (legit) South Asian rapper who speaks freely about terrorism and Middle Eastern race relations in America. After releasing a slew f successful mixtapes, Heemes comes back onto the scene unleashing his debut album ‘Eat Pray Thug’. On the album’s first official single “Sometimes”, Heems talks about the obsession with dualities and identities in America. “Sometimes I’m ’bout chicks, sometimes it’s politics / sometimes I like ’em thick, sometimes I like ’em fit” raps Heems over the gritty production by indie producer Gordon Voidwell. The video treatment for “Sometimes” features Heems selling a skin whitening paste to comedians Hannibal Buress and Eric Andre as he dons traditional Indian garb. It’s type of duality shown between Heems’ music and persona that makes his identity as a South Asian rapper shine brightly in the world of rap amongst a sea of followers. Watch and download Heems’ “Sometimes” below.

Download HERE.

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