[NEWS] Natalia Kills Kicked Off ‘X-Factor’ For Bullying


Natalia Kills may have been accused of being Lady Gaga’s doppleganger (double of an original person), but now she’s pointing fingers via her judge stint on ‘X-Factor NZ’. Starring alongside her husband and supermodel Willy Moon, the singer provided a (bit too) honest critique of contestant Joe Irvine’s performance. As he completed a solid, but average, cover of the American torch classic “Cry Me A River” left Natalia feeling flat. Beginning at 5:11, Kills begins to dig into Irvine for “copying her husband” and refers to his performance as “artistically atrocious”. Although Irvine and Moon’s suiting may have been similar that evening, there was no reason for Natalia to act as absurdly as she did. Joe didn’t argue with Natalia or Moon’s two cents, which shows a bit of dignity on his part. The other judges stick up for Irvine around 6:57, but by that time Natalia had already buried both graves. In addition to being fired for her actions, Natalia also lost her record contract – a fact that comes quite hard to swallow given her stellar involvement on Madonna’s ‘Rebel Heart’ comeback album. Natalia faced quite a bit of backlash via Twitter and Instagram and hasn’t shown any sign of remorse since – a sign of career suicide. Watch Joe Irvine’s full performance and Natalia Kills’ response below.

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