[SONG] Kelly Clarkson x ‘Piece By Piece’


On her seventh album ‘Piece By Piece’, power vocalist Kelly Clarkson is continuing to show signs of artistic growth and maturity. The set’s title track (of the same name) strays away from Clarkson’s typical radio formula to deliver one of her most influential and personal songs to date. Unlike her vintage classic vocals for singles such as “Because Of You” or “Stronger”, Kelly’s “Piece By Piece” takes the autobiographical route to discuss growing up without a father and its implications on her relationships. “Piece by piece, he collected me / up off the ground, where you abandoned things and / piece by piece he filled the holes that you burned in me” Kelly passionately sings about the fatherless void that was filled by her husband Brandon Blackstock. The analogy to puzzle pieces comes via Blackstock’s repairing her broken heart from her father’s absence, which is also discussed in the song’s final chorus where she sings about how she will never treat her daughter the way her father treated her, and neither will her husband. Clarkson teamed up with longtime collaborator Greg Kurstin for one of their three songs co-written together for the album. Given Kurstin’s track record of producing quality songs for pop stars alongside Clarkson’s strongest vocal effort on ‘Piece’ makes for a true standout in both artists’ catalog. Listen and download Kelly Clarkson’s “Piece By Piece” below.

Download HERE.

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