[NEWS] Introducing The Impressive DC Comics ‘Suicide Squad’ Cast


Aside from the two ‘Dark Knight’ films, the DC Comics franchise has been quite lackluster in the live-action film department. Films like ‘Catwoman’ and ‘Green Lantern’ were viewed as the franchise’s biggest failures, while the most recent effort ‘Man Of Steel’ showed only slight signs of improvement. Written, produced, and directed by Academy Award-winner David Ayer (‘Training Day’), DC’s upcoming supervillain troupe biopic shouldn’t disappoint. ‘Suicide Squad’ is the upcoming film that will feature an organization of the same name that’s dedicated to keeping villains on a “good” path rather than a dangerous one. The original Suicide Squad features a powerless but smart Dr. Amanda Waller tasking the group with government assignments in exchange for their safety from the superheroes hunting them down. Ayer’s cast of supervillains and actors/actresses is quite possibly the most impressive in any supernatural comic film – either DC or Marvel. In addition to the all-star cast, rapper Common and actor Jim Parrack (Hoyt Fortenberry from ‘True Blood’) have been confirmed for the film in to-be-announced roles. Check out the full list of ‘Suicide Squad’ supervillain actors along with their individual abilities below, and look for the film to hit theatres on July 1, 2016.

The lengthy A-list cast includes the following:

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