[VINTAGE] Katy Perry x ‘Fingerprints’


Standing as a rare gem in Queen of Pop’s expansive catalog is an unknown gem from her debut album entitled “Fingerprints”. The deep album cut lifted from Perry’s ‘One Of The Boys’ era finds her departing from her pop roots to fully embrace an indie (at the time) rock girl persona. During the OOTB era, Katy’s rise to fame wasn’t as quick as she anticipated. All of the singles from her debut album had to build the fanbase that represents her legacy today. “Fingerprints” – co-written with Greg Wells – seeks to describe Katy’s struggles and leaving a lasting impact on her fans. “I want to break the mold, I want to break the stereotype / fist in the air, I’m not going down without a fight” sings Katy over a simple guitar-laden arrangement. The inspirational nature of the rare song tied with its message of being remembered is quite prophetic, as Katy worked quite hard to end up as the reigning Queen of Pop. And if that isn’t enough, nearly every live “Fingerprints” vocal is raw, emotional, and plain out fun. Listen and download Katy Perry’s classic “Fingerprints” below.

Download HERE.

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