[VIDEO] The Complete History of The ‘X-Men’ In Eleven Minutes


If you’re like me and ever wondered just how expansive is the X-Men’s roster, gaming super-website IGN is here to help. Dubbed ‘Every X-Man Ever’, the informative video details every single movement in the X-Men’s character timeline. IGN’s video not only goes back to the comic’s origin in 1963, but it chronologically lists every character addition along with their abilities and current status. As an additional bonus, the video is also available in transcript form via IGN’s website. ‘Entertainment Weekly’ made an impressive top 100 X-Men list, which could only begin to describe the #actsofexcitement from the well-organized list. Marvel’s largest franchise benefits greatly from this expansive level of cataloging, which can easily be enjoyed by X-Men lovers of all levels. Watch IGN’s ‘Every X-Man Ever’ video below.

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