[SONG] Tinashe x ‘Dreams Are Real’


Tinashe’s widely known from the success of her debut single “2On” with Schoolboy Q, but her latest (free) endeavor has me thinking that maybe she has a few more tricks up her sleeve. Lifted from her mixtape ‘Amethyst’ which was recorded in her bedroom as a gift to fans, “Dreams Are Real” is an ethereal, smooth song from Tinashe where I can finally confirm the Janet vibes that her music gives off. “Dreams” finds Tinashe in motivational territory as she tells a story of helping her beloved become the best they can be. Not only is the song incredibly dreamy, but it’s quite radio friendly as well. The album cut, crafted by indie producers Mae N. Maejor and Smash David, could’ve been given the official single treatment in time for the summer, but Tinashe decided on (thankfully) gifting her fans instead. Listen and download Tinashe’s “Dreams Are Real” below.

Download HERE.

Dreams Are Real: http://theboombox.com/tinashe-amethyst-mixtape/

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