[NEWS] Kanye West’s ‘Bound 2’ Given The Children’s Book Treatment


Kanye West is one of the last musicians that you’d expect to be deemed “child-friendly”, and thankfully one of his fans decided to change that. Artist Zak Tebbal took his talents to the world of children’s books to develop a G-rated version of West’s hit single “Bound 2”. The original song is an ode to Kanye’s wife Kim Kardashian, who also appears in the official video treatment. Tebbal’s children’s book, named “Bound 2Gether” features illustrations of Kanye and Kim’s epic love story – but with a unique twist. While Kanye is drawn as himself for the book, Kim appears as a baby chicken also known as a “chick”. The cute, tongue-in-cheek display of Kim as an animal who steals Kanye’s heart makes the NSFW nature of “Bound 2” child-appropriate. View the entire ‘Bound 2Gether’ book by Zak Tebbal here.

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