[SONG] Joss Stone x ‘Underworld’


When I first discovered that Joss Stone was working on a reggae album (entitled ‘Water For Your Soul’), I wasn’t sure if it was her best move. The lead single from the experimental project “Stuck On You” only embodies elements of reggae, which made me think that her interpretation of the genre would differ from what would be normally expected of Jamaican influences. On “Underworld”, not only does Joss exceed my expectations, but she stays authentic to her true soul roots. The midtempo number from Joss fits right in with her image as she sings “welcome to the underworld / where the love’s at first sight / the kind that we like / under, under, under, underworld”. Everything from the song’s subject matter to the instrumental nails the R&B vibe that she was aiming for. Although the rest of Stone’s seventh release contains various levels of reggae, “Underworld” is a clear indication that her voice is built for almost anything. Listen and download Joss Stone’s “Underworld” below.

Download HERE.

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