[VIDEO] Mash-Up Minute With ‘Once Upon A Time’ and ‘General Hospital’


With ABC’s ‘Once Upon A Time’ on hiatus until the end of the summer, the network has been releasing goodies to keep its fans entertained during a very long break. While the show has been releasing bits of casting news over the last few months, nothing major in terms of Storybrooke’s favorite characters arose until recently. In an effort to temporarily revive the short-lived ‘General Hospital’ spin-off known as ‘Port Charles’, ABC has created a mashup alongside Regina Mills (aka the Evil Queen). Taking a beloved ‘Once’ character and pairing it with standout ‘Charles’ characters is one of the best things the network can do with its fans. Dubbed ‘Once Upon A Hospital’, the show spins a classic scene from season 3A of ‘Once’ alongside ‘General Hospital’ characters to the tune of ‘Port Charles’. Watch the mashup scene of ‘Once Upon A Time’ and ‘Port Charles’ (‘General Hospital’) below.

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