[SONG + VIDEO] Little Boots x ‘Taste It’


British singer Little Boots may be on her third album, but it’s her most commercial effort to date. Despite numerous delays, the aptly-titled ‘Working Girl’ has brought Boots to the forefront of international crossover pop and there’s been no stopping sense. Album standout (and first official single) “Taste It” shows just how far her creative craft can go up against the mainstreamers. “Can you taste in on your lips like licorice / do you want some more, so bitter sweet / could you think that you are innocent / when you’re really not that different” sings Boots over the arrangement helmed by Simian Mobile Disco’s Jas Shaw. As the heavy bassline hits around the chorus, Little Boots soars into radio-esque territory, making “Taste” the first song in her catalog with crossover appeal. The video treatment, however, falls back into indie territory with its slightly disturbing artpop images. Boots looks as sexy as ever as she displays her various interpretations of beauty – but with a twist surrounding the sense of taste. There’s snorting sugar through a #funstraw (0:46), a hamburger made with feet (1:20), and even a dinner plate arrangement filled with prescription pills (2:34). Little Boots may have an odd perception of what it means to be a pop goddess, but it’s certainly pretty great just watching her have fun. Watch and download “Taste It” by Little Boots below.

Download HERE.

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