[SONG] Leon Bridges x ‘River’


Leon Bridges paved the way for soul artists in the millennium with his debut album ‘Coming Home’. Widely inspired by Sam Cooke, the authentically emotional set featured a vintage style that stands out among music artists today. While many critics have likened him to the country/soul hybrid genre, Leon’s vocals soar higher than nearly anyone out today. On the album’s closer entitled “River”, Bridges shows exactly why his sound is unique. The arrangement is equal parts haunting and slow-burning, orchestrated only by Leon’s powerful vocal awareness. “River” is not only stunning, but its message of inspiration becomes a monumental moment for a debut artist with little known fanfare. As Bridges belts the hook’s tagline “take me to your river, I wanna go”, he sings with such a level of conviction that his talent becomes undeniable. As if Leon’s vocals needed anymore power, “River” was most recently featured as a promo for Beats By Dre’s fall advertisement series. Listen and download Leon Bridges’ “River” below.

Download HERE.

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