[SONG] The Internet x ‘Under Control’


A band like the Internet is a rare, but extremely satisfying find. Lead singer Syd the Kid is openly gay and headlines a six-member soul group housed under the Odd Future imprint. While Syd’s vocals are quite subtle, its her songwriting and ability to convey emotion through her art that’s extremely commendable. On the heels of their critically-acclaimed third album ‘Ego Death’ comes a deep album cut by the name of “Under Control”. Since the Internet specializes in live instrumentation throughout all of their projects, discovering their greatness usually takes only a few seconds of listening to their songs. “Control” is authentic R&B at its finest and Syd’s soft crooning takes the project to new heights. As a play on the song title, Syd sings about the things she can’t control, such as maintaining self-confidence and dealing with fake people. “I can’t help but feel like I’m wastin’, precious time in my life / worrying about my behaviors, sometimes I think I’m too nice” Syd croons over the soul arrangement that sounds straight out of the early 2000s. It’s great to have this type of diversity amongst a flailing genre, but it’s even better to have it spearheaded by a bad ass (and underrated) female lead singer. Listen and download the Internet’s “Under Control” below.

Download HERE.

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