[SONG + VIDEO] Tish Hyman x ‘Subway Art’


When someone receives a comparison to Lauryn Hill (both as a rapper and a singer), it’s time to take note. That’s how I feel whenever I listen to Bronx native Tish Hyman’s breakout single “Subway Art”. The singer-songwriter-rapper evokes gritty emotions with her music, and her first single is no exception. “Art” packs a chorus that is just too realistic for words, as Hyman beautifully sings “there is life in New York / underground in the coldest hearts / lonely people are subway art / lonely people, in the coldest hearts”. The video treatment for “Subway Art” is simple but beautiful in its own right, as Tish sings passionately on a subway in black-and-white while showcasing the #peopleofnewyork. The song and video are not only authentically New York City, but both are also quite biographical to Hyman’s own lifestyle as she often cites spending her days on the MTA trains exploring the city. While her early works has her ghostwriting for Kanye West and Alicia Keys, Tish’s rise to fame is only just beginning. Watch and download Tish Hyman’s “Subway Art” below.

Download HERE.

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