[VIDEO] Junglepussy Lectures For Students At Yale University


Standing as one of the best femcees alive, Junglepussy has just garnered another notch on her organic leather belt. The Brooklyn rapper is now known as one of the first female rappers to be invited for a lecture session at the prestigious Yale University. Known for being poetic in her delivery, Junglepussy’s in-person presence proved to be just as powerful as she answered questions from the Yale community. Junglepussy begins the series by discussing her first works “Cream Team” (2:11) and “Stitches” (2:42) and how it influenced her shift towards more conscious bars. She also reveals that her other passions besides rapping included writing novels (5:03) and self-improvement (6:44). The lecture series ends with information on her second album ‘Pregnant With Success’ and the striking inspiration behind the name (8:24). Watch the highlights from Junglepussy’s lecture series at Yale University below.

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